The power God has over those He raises up-He controls and restrains them. King David pleads (pSALM 17:9) " LORD, they are Thy sword; and will any father suffer his sword to be drawn against his own children?"
My thoughts - Think through this statement! David is accusing God of child abuse! I have done this many, many times when I was going through something I did not understand. It has seemed that I was under direct attack and everything I was, everything I stood for was crumbling under my feet; and it was. The Stone that the builders rejected, the Stone that will one day crush the image the Prophet Daniel saw in his vision of the last days had turned itself against me! How could this be?
Think it through~
Matthew Henry thoughts continue ~
"This is the reason why we should patiently bear the injuries of men, they are but the instruments of the trouble (it comes originally from God, to those whose will we are bound to submit), so it is an encouragement to us to hope both that their wrath shall praise Him and that the remainder thereof He will restrain (we will bear no more than we are able if we continue to lean upon Him through the process). We must realize that they are God's sword, which He can manage as He pleases. This sword cannot move without Him, and He will sheath it when it has done its work.
verse 14 says, " They are Thy hand, by which Thou dost chastize Thy people and make them feel Thy displeasure." David expects deliverance from God's hand because from God's hand the touble came., The same hand that wounds and heals. For example, David asks, "Where do I go from Thy Presence, O LORD?" He is everywhere and in every situation. The ends of the earth? You are there-the depths of hell? You are there. No place exists where He is not present.
" God will use events, people, trails and circumstances to purge us. After allowing these things to "do their work" in us, and on us, there may be only a remnant of our former self left; but it will be Godly and wholly acceptable unto God."
"Whatever the event, whatever the trouble, if we are His we will be purified and the seeming scourge will last no longer than is necessary. "
My thoughts - King David, having by prayer committed himself and his cause to God, and being sure of his protection, his heart was fixed, and he was easy. And it shall come to pass in that day (when the trial is past) that our burden shall be taken away from off of our shoulder, and the yoke will be removed from our neck, it will be totally destroyed beause of the Annointing; the Holy Spirit has done the necessary work and we committed all things to God in the trial and tribulation. We have been changed through the process.
In this context, I remember one of the last stays I had in the hospital, I went to see Rev. Cooper, my elderly Minister friend before I went in and he said something very strange, and he does not remember saying it - "This stay is for God, it has nothing to do with you....." I thought what in the world is he talking about? I have never heard of such a thing or concept. But on that stay I witnessed to two Nurses who were seeking the LORD and I met another minister who was, and is still having a very difficult time with health issues of his own. A bond has been established that is impossible in the natural.
I yielded myself to His control (I did not have much choice in the matter!) But I trusted Him and coming through this process I am amazed at how God works. I still have so much to learn and I am sure that I will learn another lesson about God on my last day on this earth; before I finally enter into His presence. Which should be our goal anyway!