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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pray For Israel

Tomorrow (Friday) there is supposed to be a march on Israel by a massive mobilazation of Palestinians, Syrians, Egyptians and other groups of Muslim supports. The leadership of Israel needs our prayers for protection, wisdom and guidance.

I was reading today of a day long ago when a king of Israel in the book of Kings was facing dire straights. Women had even agreed to cook their babies so they could survive! The king heard of this and rent his clothes, cast ashes on his head and cried out to God. It looked totally hopeless. Totally. It could not possibly get worse than this.

And, a large Syrian invasion force had gathered to wipe out Israel once and for all. How could God possibly handle this situation? What were they to do? Four lepers had gathered together and decided that they were going to die anyway, so why not go into the camp of the Syrians and surrender themselves; perhaps they would have pity upon them and at least they would get a morsel of food before they died.

As they entered the Syrian encampment no one was there! They traveled to the end of the camp and still, not a Syrian soldier in sight. What happened to the massive army? God sent a sound of a mighty army, with the sound of a host of horses, armies and a massive invasion force; the Syrian's thought the king of Israel had rented the assistance of the armies of Egypt and the Hittites! The Syrians fled for their lives!

There was enough food for the entire nation of Israel. God had delivered them! Even though they were being punished for the sins they had committed, when the king donned sack cloth and ashes and cried out in repentance, God heard their cry and delivered them.

I am praying that this weekend, as the forces gather once again against Israel, that God would send confusion and dissent into the camps of those arrayed today against Israel.

God hears! God answers true repentance. God will act on behalf of His people. When we sin and fall short God will hear our cry and deliver us. He hears the prayers of His people.

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